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Anime Evolution, August 13-15 at UBC: You're Invited! [28 May 2010|10:43pm]

Anime Evolution: You're Invited! Anime Evolution is Vancouver's premier event celebrating Japanese animation, manga, gaming, and every kind of related fandom. Our featured activities include interactive panel discussions with industry guests, cultural demonstrations, 24-hour video rooms, cosplay contests, an AMV contest, a charity auction, evening dances, and creative workshops. We also offer LAN, tabletop, LARP, and console gaming rooms.

We're constantly adding guests and events, so be sure to keep checking back! Preregistration for Anime Evolution is open until June 30th.

Anime Evolution's focus is entertainment, community and cultural diversity in a fun, family friendly, inclusive and accessible setting.

YouTube Channel
Facebook Group
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Vancouver and Gender [08 Mar 2010|09:31pm]

Trying to find demographic data on Vancouver and gender. Google and academic index searches have failed me. Anyone know of a study? or maybe you've been keeping your own personal tally?
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Places To Be [04 Feb 2010|05:15pm]

So I moved to Vancouver from Victoria last month, and think it's time to get more proactive about meeting awesome people and going to awesome events. I was pretty into the spoken word scene over in Victoria, and I'm hoping you folks can point the way to some awesome community events, ie weekly coffee house poetry nights, discussion groups, anything of a drop in artistic nature that's not too cliquey.
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Volunteer Opportunity [01 May 2008|12:21am]

Please pardon my cross-posting! I am trying to increase the visibility of individuals of all sexualities, ethnicities, ages, and genders at this year's Vancouver Pride events. Please don't hesitate to post this in your own journals and/or communities =)

Rumor has it...

You want to volunteer for the Vancouver Pride Society this year!

If the rumor is true, and you do want to be apart of the Vancouver Pride Society 2008 Volunteer Team, then this is how you do it!

But first off, here is what you will receive:
-Your very own (hopefully purple) Vancouver Pride T-Shirt.
-A Letter of Recommendation upon completion of your volunteer hours (upon request).
-For the completion of 3 or more shifts, you will get a free Vancouver Pride Society Membership.
-Log volunteer hours for school or other programs
-Meet amazing new people! Network! Make new friends!
-Attend our groovy Volunteer Appreciation Party.
-Receive a volunteer appreciation certificate
-Develop useful skills
-Attend and have a great time at Pride events!

This year, we will also be holding 2 volunteer orientations where you will be able to meet the VPS board and some other volunteers. Further, you will recieve a brand new Volunteer Manual!

So are you ready now to find out how you can sign up to volunteer?

Go to the following page of the Vancouver Pride Society Website and fill out the volunteer form:


That is it! I will contact you about your availability, and you will be on your way!
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Do you like Pacific Spirit Park? [05 Dec 2007|05:55pm]

Then do a little SOMETHING to save the bits that have been chopped off. This Sunday December 9th there is a rally at noon to protest the development of portions of Pacific Spirit park.
I know, I'm studying and stressed too.  Still, write a letter, an e-mail, fax, anything if you can't show up.
Tell your friends, your neighbours, if you're charasmatic - the people on the bus.  Tell them to write in too.


Seriously, have you seen the Seinfeld where Elaine eats the super expensive piece of cake?  At first it was just a nibble, here and there, and then a bit more, then she went to town... and there was no cake left.  Same thing can happen to a park.  This isn't just any park, it's one of the largest urban greenspaces, it has old growth forest, it has wetlands, and is the treasured by many people: from day camp classes to seniors to mountain bikers.
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Vancouver Folk Music Festival POV [12 Jul 2007|08:14am]

If you are attending this weekend's festival bring your camera and share your point-of-view.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Share your Festival photos!


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Affliction clothing? [25 Jun 2007|12:48pm]

Is there anywhere in Vancouver that sells (mens) Affliction clothing?
Its might be a long shot, but thought I'd give it a try:)

If you know of any places, ar ough idea of where it's located would be fantastic, as I actually live in Victoria and my knowledge of where things are in Van is quite limited!
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[29 May 2007|06:53pm]

Well, this is certainly a long shot, but it might just be worth it.

I'm the head video producer at Camp Qwanoes, a Christian summer camp owned by a network of Evangelical Christian Churches (although the camp itself is fairly non-denominational and welcomes staff from all over the mainstream Christian spectrum). The camp is located in Crofton, British Columbia, Canada, right on the ocean. It is literally one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

Here's the thing: We're short several of the key staff positions, and summer is coming up quickly. The biggest needs we have right now are:

Starwood/Media support - this is one close to my heart. You would be working with small groups of kids, helping them produce short videos over the course of the week. When you're not busy with this, you would be helping myself and the assistant video producer in a variety of tasks. basic knowledge of computers is neccesary, and skills with Mac OS X, Final Cut express or Imovie would be great. Skills with Photoshop, Motion, and Digital camcorders would be mind-blowingly fantastic. But essentially, you've just got to be willing to learn (quickly) and love kids. Qwanoes will support (pay) you 1750 Canadian plus room and board for the summer.

Male counselors - living with 8-10 boys between the ages of 8 and 18. You get a new cabin every week, 9 weeks in the summer, 24 hours off in between camps, 3 days off in the middle of the summer. Qwanoes will support you with 1300 Canadian plus room and board for the summer.

Also needed are kitchen helpers, a laundry person, and various other positions, both supported with money and volunteer. Seriously, this camp is amazing. A terrific atmosphere, great people, and great opportunities for growth and leadership. Plus, the former lead singer from Hokus Pick is our music leader!

The camp is also extremely friendly to internationals, and will help as much as possible to get you here. Last year the starwood guy was Irish, and this year we have staff from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, the UK, and even Uganda... so don't let distance be an excuse.

If any of this sounds good to you, leave me a comment and I'll give you my email address and give you some more information... or use the apply now! button on the website. Thanks!

X-posted to Christianity, lj_christians, uvic, victoria_bc, and vancouver_bc
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Ghouls Casting Call [11 May 2007|03:27pm]


A friend of mine is doing some casting for an independant film. Looking for male leads.

His Craigslist Ad is here

And the facebook invite is here

For further info contact him at ashleighoverseas@yahoo.ca

p.s - this is in Victoria
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Another car hire question [22 Feb 2007|01:00pm]

Sorry everyone. I have another car hire question.

OK, so I found out that there was basically no way to rent a car in Canada without having a major credit card and as my credit is so bad, this was going to be a problem.

But, I thought I would try and apply for one of the cards specially designed for people with no/bad credit and see what happened. I was accepted. Great, I thought. Now I can book my hire car.

Today I found out that they've only given me a credit limit of £250 (around $500) ... how pathetic is that?

Anyway, my new question is how much are they likely to take as a deposit? I mean, when people book cars, how do they know how much available credit they need on their credit card? Or do the hire car companies simply take a swipe of your card without actually taking any money off it and only take the money if you bring the car back damaged in some way.

I don't want to book the hire car in advance and then get there and them swipe my card and tell me there isn't enough money on there for them to take their deposit and then tell me I can't drive the car away.

Does anyone know!?

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Whistler in March [21 Feb 2007|05:46pm]

I'm coming to Vancouver next month (20 March - 3 April)
Am really tempted to drive up to Whistler as I am sure it's really beautiful this time of year.

Am I insane to even be thinking this? Will the drive be too treacherous? Don't want to get stuck in my rental car in the unknown.

Thoughts people please.

Thanks :)

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Rental Cars [13 Feb 2007|03:26pm]

I really hope someone can help. I am coming to Vancouver in March and, as we've chosen to rent a house in Ladner, we are going to want a hire car.

Now, I don't have a credit card which seems to be a massive problem as every car hire place I've contacted has said you need a credit card for the deposit (in order for them to release the car to you).

Does anyone know of a decent car rental company in Vancouver who will allow either cash or debit card (Visa Electron) payments for deposits?

I have been told that there is a small chance that, if on arrival, I go to the rental car desks one of them may let me hire if I have plenty of cash to leave as a deposit, my return ticket and obviously my drivers licence.

Does anyone know if this is likely? Or is there basically no way in hell I am going to be able to get a rental car.

Any help would be massively appreciated. Oh, and just applying for a credit card is not a possible solution for me as (a) there's not really enough time to get the application in and a card sent out to me and (b) my credit isn't all that good so I may not even be approved for a credit card despite having a good amount of money and assets.


Edited to add: I am coming from the UK for a 2 week holiday
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car rental [31 Jan 2007|05:14pm]

My fiance and I are coming to Vancouver in March for 2 weeks and are staying in Ladner. Therefore, we want to hire a car for the duration. Any recommendations for good/cheap/reliable car rental places? Thanks!
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[18 Jan 2007|03:38pm]

Dear Internet:

Sell me Shins tickets. pretty please
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accommodation help [02 Jan 2007|11:46am]

I am coming back to Vancouver in March for 2 weeks with my fiance and his family and we're struggling to find accommodation as, when we're all together, there will be 9 of us and we all want to be in the same place. Does anyone know of any places that we could look at?

We're currently looking at a place called Duck Inn (www.duckinn.net) but it's out of town in a place called Ladner and I don't even know where that is in relation to Downtown (anyone?). I was thinking about a couple of hotel suites but I think it's going to work out too expensive. I looked at the Times Square Suites on Robson, for example, but it's going to work out to about $4000.

Do you know of any other possible options? Or cheaper hotels with suites that I could look into?

Thanks guys.

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Rockstar Taste Of Chaos coming!!!!! [06 Dec 2006|10:43pm]

2007 Rockstar Taste of Chaos Ticket Presale For A Limited Time Only!!!Collapse )
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[03 Dec 2006|08:53pm]

Where in Vancouver can a girl find sweet potato pie????
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Got Pagan? [08 Nov 2006|04:34pm]

Hello Vancouver! 
The Vancouver Pagan Board 
A new forum for pagans, heathens, occultists, and witches in the area to meet and chat.
It's brand new, and starting to grow.
Check it out!
(Will be cross-posted)
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[15 Sep 2006|12:20am]

something to do this saturday :)Collapse )
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tickets? [14 Sep 2006|04:08pm]

hi there,

i was just wondering if anyone had or knew anyone who had tickets to the john mayer/sheryl crow concert next friday sept 22nd @ pacific coliseum?? i really want to go, and im suposed to be buying tickets from this girl from ebay BUT i havent heard back from her and i dont want to leave it too late SO just figured id put it out there that im looking for 2 tickets. let me know!
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